Mac's Drive In

Every game-day, Mac's Drive-In is a staple restaurant visited by many Tiger fans across the world.

"Mac's offers homemade hamburgers, beer-battered onion rings, milkshakes and sweet tea. The short order-style bar has been open since 1956 and diners from all over keep coming back. "USA Today Travel" named Mac's Drive-In one of the 51 Great Burger Joints in the country. To say that it's one of Clemson's most famous eateries is an uderstatement. It's an icon and the place for good burgers and good conversations." ( Mac is a staple restuanrant in the mountain regions of South Carolina. Their burgers are known for their delicious grilled taste, and the small dine-in environement is a perfect representation of the small town feels that it gives. Since being an important part of this community since 1956, Mac's Drive-In has been the go-to eatery of many college students from Clemson. So many alumni come back to visit the establishment, as well as Clemson residents. What makes Mac's so different than any other restaurant is its relationship with the city. It is the heart of so many residents, and as long as it keeps going, it is safe to say Clemson will keep going. The diner is a reminder that their is no place like hamburgers and home.



404 Pendleton Road Clemson, South Carolina 29631