Fike Recreation Center

The place to get fit on campus.

Originally a small gym it has now grown to house various sections for all the workout needs you could ever imagine.

Named after Rupert H. Fike in 1966, it was originally called the Fike Field House. Then in 1971 it was given its current name, Fike Recreation Center. Rupert H. Fike was a Clemson Alumni who graduated in 1908 and then came back to Clemson in 1934 to help found the program “I Pay Ten a Year” or IPTAY to help raise money for the athletic department. It started off as a secret club but then became public in the 1930s so that more money could be raised.

Originally called “the Field House” or “Clemson Field House”, construction on Fike Recreation Center finished in 1930. By 1932 a small building was attached to the administration building there which now serves as the Club Sports Gym. Then in the 1970s it was further expanded to contain a natatorium for swimming and diving and spaces for wrestling, gymnastics, and various intramural sports. Finally from 2001-2003 Fike was renovated to include two more basketball courts, a track overhead the already existing basketball court, a climbing wall, a sauna, and an upgraded pool area.

Fike Recreation Center is still the main workout area on Clemson’s campus with two sections dedicated to weightlifting, areas overlooking the weightlifting pit to run or jog on machines, multiple basketball courts, and natatorium. Intramural and Club sports use the space inside as well as the fields outside for various sports throughout the semester like lacrosse, swimming, fencing, or flag football.