Bowman Field

Bowman Field Events

The field you see in many Clemson merchandise also acts as a student event space.

Bowman Field is a pivotal place for each Clemson student and visitor. It’s not uncommon to pass by between classes or when visiting downtown and seeing lounging students or sudden displays. Events like Tigerama and Homecoming at the beginning of each academic year take place on Bowman Field.

Bowman Field is a well-worn space in the history of Clemson University due to its popularity as an event venue. Even in the early years of Clemson University as a military cadet school in the 19th century, the field was used for cadet exercise and sports. It is also where the first intercollegiate event at Clemson occurred in 1896 as a baseball game against Furman. In more odd events, there were hot air balloons on the field as well. Its placement in Clemson’s history is unwavering as it was the location for the Clemson Centennial celebrating beginning on April 6th, 1988. The space is a common area for spectacles on campus, and this includes the spectacles of Tigerama.

In more recent times, Bowman field is well loved during Clemson’s Homecoming celebrations in the beginning of the academic year. Homecoming at Clemson begins with Tigerama, a pep rally beginning in 1957 that doubles as an ceremony that is meant to set the stage for the beginning of football season in October. As the national champions in two recent years, Clemson University has great pride in its football team as well as the student body that stand with the football team every step of the way. It’s currently named the second largest student event in the country. Tigerama was an idea forwarded by Joe Sherman, Clemson alumni of 1934. The event can provide a mix of events like a party for the university, a series of skits, musical performances, and a philanthropic effort for students and charity. It’s said that the culmination to the fireworks display to end the vent is something that kept the event going.

Homecoming began in 1922 and stands as a celebration of the Clemson family from the freshmen to the alumni. It includes a display of floats on the field organized by groups throughout campus. These student-run events are close to the hearts of the student body and thus the core of Clemson University as it welcomes a new year. Bowman Field is welcoming for any member of Clemson because of these loved events.



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