Allen N. Reeves Football Complex

Allen N. Reeves Football complex houses all football operations for Clemson University. This has become one of the best football complexes in the country. With the help of Dabo Swinney and Thad Turnipseed, Clemson football complexes continue to grow.

Officially opened for business on February 1st, 2017. This was a 55 million dollar project and spans over 142,000 sq. ft. Thad Turnipseed, special assistant to the Head Coach, had this to say about the facilities ``Coach Swinney has always lived by the slogan, ‘Best is the Standard,’ and that is what he sought to do in the design of the Allen N. Reeves Football Complex, … I went to 36 football facilities around the nation. He said to take the best from each place, and that is what we did.” Turnipseed stated.
This facility is home to the major coordination of Clemson Football. This facility includes many things that help the players relax, learn, and recover. Allen Reeves has a players lounge that allows the players to relax. This includes many different game systems, arcade games, TVs, and even a golf simulator. This allows the players to relax while they are not having to study for class or study for the next game. The outdoor area allows for players to try different sports that they can play. This outdoor area includes a full-court Basketball court, a Putt-Putt course, a Wiffle Ball diamond, and many other sports. Allen Reeves also includes the P.A.W. Journey center. P.A.W. Journey allows players to become leaders and get multiple jobs through them. Football players have many different recovery options. The training room allows for players to get taped before and treatment after along with cold tubs and lap pools.