Bob Campbell Geology Museum

The Bob Campbell Geology Museum is home to over 10,000 minerals, rocks, and fossils.

The Bob Campbell Geology Museum opened its doors to the public in September of 1998. Before its opening, Clemson University's small collection of rocks and minerals were held in Brackett Hall. The minerals and rocks were taken care of by Betty Newton, who dreamt of a mineral and rock display to be opened to the public. Newton would constantly tell people about the collection at Clemson University in order to make her dream come true. Dr. Paul Benson III, a Clemson alumnus, donated a large collection of gemstones and cabochons in 1990. This was the first large donation that would help the opening of the museum. After this donation, others began donating and the collection grew.

A man named Robert S. Campbell (Bob Campbell), owned several rock quarries across the state and gifted his expressive gemstones, minerals, and fossils to the university. In 1996, Mr. Campbell and his wife committed to help fund the building of a geology museum. Sadly, Newton passed away in early 1998. However, the museum opened and dedicated in September of 1998, thus fulfilling Newton's vision. The collections of the museum continue to grow, and it is now directed by Dr. Patrick McMillan.